Latest SEO Trends in 2023

  • May 17, 2023
  • Mallob Team
  • 2 min read

Latest SEO Trends in 2023

Google continuously extends its ranking algorithm, which changes the approach of SEO every year. The 2023 year has bought the new element called ‘experience’ as the essential factor for marketers to push audience-centric content audiences. Here are the latest SEO trends necessary for business in 2023.

E-E-A-T algorithm

In 2022 Google’s “E-A-T” explores Expertise, Authority, and Trust. The additional “E” in the 2023 algorithm brings the ‘experience of creators’ to the table. The hands-on knowledge of creators will add value to the content on their websites. The intent of providing quality content now involves real-time knowledge that makes users reach the correct information.

Digital Accessibility

Did you know? Only 3% of the internet is currently accessible to people with disabilities. In 2022, Google Search Trends and Glimpse Trajectory highlighted the increase in search demand for “digital accessibility”.  The +69% of digital accessibility and +124% “SEO accessibility” will help users explore the websites and their services. Accessibility is not a direct ranking factor for Google, but that doesn’t mean it might not be in the future.

Content Speaking with the Audience

Curating content according to the search engine will sideline your path and make your content irrelevant. We understand the success ranking in 2023 and ensure your brand content delivers the core intent and reaches the target audience. A perfect content strategy will push your brand identity that explores your business services with your audiences. Let our team help you with content distribution.

Add Content for “People Also Ask”

Frequently asked questions are the most widely preferred by users while browsing. As per recent stats, 43% of search queries now include a PAA box, including ‘When’, ‘Why’, What’ questions, and providing relevant answers is one of the better ways to enhance search engine results. Using long-talk keywords for frequently asked questions on web pages increases the ranking chances. 

Provide Author Authenticity

Google is providing significance for the experience of the auto-generated content ranking in the SERPs. The authenticity of creators is the prime focus of Google, ensuring real people produce the content. Linking creators’ social media accounts to websites or blogs will make the audience easily understand the author’s expertise in any area.

Ending the Trends

Google’s algorithm updates, values, and goals make results in 2023 content-oriented. Mallon understands SEO and provides an effective strategy to leverage tools and increase higher standards for content. Explore our services and boost your business online.