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About Mallob

Mallob Digital Marketing agency offers a variety of services for your business’s digital growth. Our services include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Development, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, Video Production, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, PPC & SEM, and Influencer Marketing. We assist you in getting your business on top of all your niche competitors with efficient marketing strategies.

Explore the Achievements Delivered to a Consulting Company

Our client company is one of the leading and most trusted solution partners. They possess extensive expertise as global leaders, offering consulting, staffing, and technological solutions. With over two decades of dedicated experience, our clients have consistently demonstrated excellence and integrity in the industry.

Challenges Faced by the Consulting Company

The consulting firm enlisted Mallob’s expertise to maintain a top position in Google analytics rankings and ensure easy accessibility for users. Additionally, aimed to maintain an active presence on social media platforms to stay connected with customers.

Moreover, the company recognized the importance of adapting to evolving digital trends to remain competitive in the market. 

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Our consulting client view on the outcomes: “Thanks to Mallob, we’ve accomplished our objective. Their marketing strategies have truly made us shine and supported us effectively. We are delighted with the results and the exceptional services and solutions delivered by the Mallob team.”

Our Executed Solution

When our client approached us with diverse needs, we meticulously analyzed requirements to offer optimal solutions. Subsequently, Mallob provided user-friendly website designs, technical SEO enhancements, and SEO friendly content strategies to bolster their Google analytics rankings. Executed social media marketing initiatives to maintain an active presence across digital platforms.
Our comprehensive solutions yielded remarkable outcomes, enabling clients to swiftly achieve all their objectives. 

Service Provided:

  • Website Designing
  • Technical SEO
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Website Content
  • Social Media Content 

Impressive Outcome in Numbers

Our solutions yielded significant results, including:

  • Total Impressions reached to 196K
  • User engagement of around 27K
  • Acquired approximately 6.2K new users.
  • The website’s homepage experienced a 40x performance improvement.
  • An average engagement time increase of 11 seconds.
  • The website’s homepage experienced a 20X performance improvement.
  • Organic search reach of around 4K 
  • Direct reach engagements with nearly 2.5K
  • Page view reached nearly 5.5K

Specializing in crafting premium marketing solutions, Mallob excels in elevating brand visibility within specific target audiences. Our focus on user-friendly website design, SEO-optimized content, and robust social media presence has paved the way for numerous opportunities, fostering the success of our clients.