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From Zero to Thriving, Our Restaurant Online Strategy Delivered Impressive Results

Nestled in North Carolina’s bustling culinary scene, a passionate group of friends came together with a shared mission to introduce rich Indian street food flavors to the locals. The restaurant gained attention in no time, and the team recognized the importance of expanding its digital presence.

Challenges Faced by the Restaurant

The restaurant turned to Mallob in search of effective solutions to bridge the gap in the digital space, including refining digital marketing strategies. The goals included expanding their customer base and maintaining regular communication with patrons through daily menu updates and special occasion offerings.

The brand was keen to improve the company’s outreach with social media and online presence. Dedicating attention to SEO strategies, adhering to the platform guidelines, and incorporating relevant SEO-friendly keywords into all product content.

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Our client has experienced superior outcomes through our strategic solutions and steadfast services, fostering business growth. Primary objective of establishing a strong online presence has been successfully achieved with commendable results. A success story from one of our clients.

Our Implemented Solution

Mallob conducted a comprehensive analysis and developed a website with a user-friendly design and SEO-optimized content to ensure top rankings in search results.

List of Services

  • SEO-Friendly Website
  • Content with UX design
  • Technical SEO
  • SEO On-page
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Social Media Ads

Additionally, Mallob implemented technical SEO and on-page optimization strategies. Mallob also established a strong presence for the restaurant on social media, resulting in increased customer outreach and engagement.

Impressed with the Outcome

The process yielded significant results, including

  • User activity and retention increased by 10x
  • Website’s homepage experienced a 20x performance improvement
  • Acquired approximately 14,000 new users
  • An average engagement time increase of 38 seconds
  • Organic search reach of around 5,500
  • Direct reach engagements with nearly 2,500

Mallob excels in crafting top-tier marketing strategies tailored to elevate the brand’s presence among the intended audience. Our creative approach and search engine solutions open up a myriad of opportunities for our clients.