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About Mallob

Mallob Digital Marketing agency offers a variety of services for your business’s digital growth. Our services include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Development, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, Video Production, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, PPC & SEM, and Influencer Marketing. We assist you in getting your business on top of all your niche competitors with efficient marketing strategies.

How We Made an Interior Designing Company Grow!

Started from the shared vision of two friends, immersing themselves in the world of Interior Design. The initial passion evolved into a great experience over the years. We are delighted to have a pivotal role in their journey to success through our strategic guidance. Mallob supported the digital goal and delivered client satisfaction with exceptional results.

Challenges Faced by the Interior Designing Company

The Interior Designing company sought out Mallob’s expertise to modernize and establish an online presence with the current trends. With a goal to engage with the targeted audience through both traditional and digital channels. The company aimed to elevate customer satisfaction with enhanced and efficient services.

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Our interior design client’s feedback on the outcomes: “We are incredibly pleased and satisfied with Mallob’s services. They meticulously understood our requirements and delivered optimal solutions, leading to remarkable results. There expertise and dedication truly exceeded our expectations.”

Our Executed Solution

After a quick assessment of the client’s requirements, Mallob provided a tailored solution to meet the objectives. We created a User-friendly website design containing comprehensive company information ensuring easy access to the users. A website with SEO-optimized content has numerous perks. Resulting in positive engagement and the increased traffic not only met but exceeded our client’s expectations.

Service Provided:

  • Website Designing
  • SEO Optimized Content

Impressive Outcome in Numbers

The solution yielded significant results, including:

  • Total Impressions reached to 172K
  • The organic keywords have seen nearly a 200X increase in 2 years.
  • Acquired approximately 1.6K new users.
  • An average engagement time increase of 1m 24 seconds.
  • The website’s homepage experienced a 20x performance improvement.
  • Organic search reach of around 600
  • Direct reach engagements with nearly 250
  • Page view reached nearly 5.5K
  • User engagement of around 4.5K

Mallob specializes in designing high-quality marketing solutions that boost brand visibility among targeted audiences. Our emphasis on user-friendly website design and SEO-optimized content created numerous opportunities for our client to thrive.